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3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Maid

Are household chores weighing you down? Struggling to carve out time for yourself amidst the never-ending to-do list? Hiring a maid could give you the breather you desire! When the pace of life gets relentless, bringing in some extra help can make a world of difference. But before you take the plunge, there are several […]

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The Appeal of Indonesian Maids in Singapore: Why Is One Nationality of Maid Preferred Over Another?

In many Singaporean households where time is a luxury and chores are plenty, domestic helpers fulfil a crucial role, offering support ranging from childcare to housework. Among the range of nationalities available for hiring as domestic workers, Indonesian maids stand out as a preferred choice for many families. But what exactly makes Indonesian helpers so […]

Dealing with Dishonesty

Dishonesty is an issue faced by many. There are reasons that bring about dishonesty, so avoid accusatory statements before finding out the truth. If you suspect your helper is not telling the truth, do extend the benefit of the doubt. It can be an honest mistake. We found out that most often helpers are not […]


Issue with helper?

Like any kind of relation, conflict can arise with a maid. While a new maid simply has difficulty settling in, some problems can be solved calmly. The most common concerns is employers not satisfied with helper’s work. While it is common, there are different reasons that contribute to this. As a professional Singapore house maid […]


The best house maid agency

JForce is all about providing reliable service around hiring a maid. As a decade long Singapore house maid agency, JForce places a high level of importance on customers’ service satisfaction. We take our considerations in the belief that each employer is unique and deserving the best match of helper. Even after deployment, we wouldn’t hesitate […]


Choose the right helper agency in Singapore

It is understandable to be careful with maids as you are handling your home and children. Similarly, it is not wrong to be mindful when choosing helper agency Singapore to guide you and getting you the right helper. Hiring a maid agency is, indeed, a big decision. In fact, the agency you choose shapes up […]

Hiring transfer maids

When it comes to maid hiring, finding the right match may not always be an easy feat especially when the pandemic hit hard. In the uncertainties of the lockdown, lots of helpers that finish their contracts in Singapore have gone home, yet very few manage to return. This resulted in substantial shortage of maids. Recently […]

Are You In The Search Of A Maid Again?

While people envision relaxed life sipping a cup of coffee on an armchair comes after hiring a maid, reality may hit hard as you find out things are not that simple. In fact, there’s more to come after a new maid comes. Some people have it easy, yet for others this can be the numerous […]