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JForce employment service, the best maid agency in Singapore, is all about providing reliable maid for home care needs. We believe that every employer is unique, so we work to understand them. We listen, ask questions in order to get to know our clients’ and their ‘Why’ of engaging domestic helpers. From there and working with partners, we source for the best matching candidate to assist their family. JForce helpers are trained to be sensitive to employers’ needs.

Inspired on being the best maid agency Singapore, we offer effective placement with dedicated customer care to guarantee excellent domestic helpers for our clients. Foreign helpers and domestic clients diverge in culture and background, hence we work to bridge them for a successful relationship.

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We handle and simplify the process for clients, from filtering candidates all the way through.


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JForce deployed helpers from Indonesia. As a proficient maid employment agency in Singapore, we have received positive feedback on helpers performance.

We Are an MOM-Approved Maid Agency

Looking for reliable household assistance in Singapore? Many families rely on maid services to manage household chores and provide care for children or the elderly. However, ensuring the safety and legitimacy of these services is paramount. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a maid agency that is approved and registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). 

At JForce Employment Service, we understand the importance of providing trustworthy assistance to Singaporean households. As a MOM-Approved Maid Agency, we adhere to stringent regulations and standards, giving you peace of mind when hiring help for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our maids undergo thorough training and certification to ensure they are well equipped to handle various household tasks and responsibilities. Our domestic helper agency believes in providing high-quality service, and our trained maids reflect that commitment. Explore our training programmes here.

As a reputable maid agency, we prioritise the safety and well-being of both our clients and domestic helpers by conducting thorough background checks, verifying credentials, and providing ongoing support and supervision to maintain high standards of service. Rest assured that when you choose JForce Employment Services, you’re choosing professionalism and reliability.

While we make every effort to ensure client satisfaction, we understand that sometimes mismatches can occur. If you are not satisfied with the maid assigned, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to address your concerns and, if necessary, arrange for a replacement maid as per our terms and conditions.

Yes, absolutely! At JForce, we understand that every family has unique preferences and requirements. Simply specify your preferences for language proficiency, cooking skills, experience, and more during the maid selection process – as one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, we’ll do our best to match you with a domestic helper who aligns with your preferences as closely as possible.