Best Maid for Child Care in Singapore

Caring for children is at the top of every parent’s priority list. Yet with Singapore’s dual income family, more often than not this highly important task is delegated. It’s challenging to balance work commitments and parenthood with the high cost of living. As mothers return to the workforce, they may find it challenging to balance work commitments and parenthood. There are several options to choose from when caring for children, such as childcare, hiring a babysitter or having your retired parents play the role of a babysitter. Of all the choices, the most preferred one is hiring a foreign domestic maid for child care.

Finding someone that can be trusted to take care of kids is not always easy. Ensuring that kids are in responsible hands while parents are not around is everything. Hence, it is important to choose the right maid for your family. In hiring, the interview process is essential to make sure both parties are on the same page beforehand. It enables you to ask relevant questions to know how comfortable you will be with the maid. JForce is an experienced child care maid agency that leverages our expertise to get you your ideal maid.

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Trainings Our Domestic Helpers Undergo

We ensure that our domestic helpers can safely and efficiently take care of your family’s needs, and especially your child’s by training them in these aspects:

Basic Household Skills

We teach our domestic helpers the right way to clean various surfaces and handle laundry to keep your living environment hygienic and safe. They also go through cooking training to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for your family. 

Childcare and Elderly Care

Maids for childcare are trained to understand the needs and safety measures for infants and children, while helpers for the elderly are taught the safest way to assist with daily activities.

First Aid and Emergency Response

Our domestic helpers are trained in providing initial care for common injuries or illnesses and equipped with knowledge on how to handle emergency situations and contacting relevant authorities.

Time Management and Organisation

We guide our domestic helpers towards efficiently managing time to complete household tasks and activities in the most organised manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct thorough background checks, verify references, and provide training on child care safety.

Yes, we consider your preferences during the matching process to ensure a suitable fit for your family’s needs.

The decision between hiring a babysitter or a maid for child care depends on your specific needs and preferences, such as the household responsibilities you need taken care of, time commitment, flexibility, and childcare expertise.


If you need someone to also care for chores around the house and be available to help with child care throughout the day, a maid will be most suitable. Otherwise, a babysitter may be an ideal option.

Domestic helpers are not allowed to do menial chores at another household unless they are for your child. If you do need your domestic helper to follow your child to your parents’ or in-laws’ house, you’ll need to first make a formal declaration to the Ministry of Manpower.

Yes, we offer a replacement guarantee to ensure you find the right match for your child care needs.