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Mandarin Speaking Maid

Welcoming strangers to your home can be nerve-wracking. At JForce, we work for compatibility before settling on placement. We leverage our expertise to help employers get the exact help they need. In Singapore, having a Mandarin or dialect speaking helper can help a great deal especially when there’s elderly at home. Not only sharing the same language ensures less communication issues in fulfilling responsibility, but also they have a better chance at bonding and fitting well with elderly they’re caring for. Afterall, the maid is going to be assisting in the daily routine from getting up from bed all though the end of the day.

JForce’s foreign domestic workers went to stringent training, compatibility tests, as well as a number of interviews to ensure they are compatible for your household requirements. Our network database for Mandarin speaking maids include experienced maid from Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as other ex-Singapore maids. Equipped with competency, interest and positive attitude, these maids come prepared for the job scope. Contact us for non-obligatory consultation before deciding to hire!