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Jforce, the best Indonesian Maid Agency, takes care of personalised maid hiring according to each household needs. While there are various hiring options available, the process differs depending on the helper’s nationality and location. We have more than a decade of experience in helper handling, especially as Indonesian maid agency, always with customer needs in mind.


JForce provides quality maid choices of Indonesian maid in Singapore. Indonesia, as one of the most populated country, had the advantage of a large workforce. The close neighbours have developed cooperation to support employment opportunities. As a result, a significant percentage of domestic helpers in Singapore are from Indonesia.

JForce, specializing in Indonesian maid hiring, ensures you’re getting the right helpers that meet your requirements, be it for child care need, general household cleaning or elderly care need. Our employment services as Indonesian maid agency is one of the most recommended maid agencies in the town. Offering years of industry practice experience, professionality and commitment, JForce is employers’ trusted partner for their domestic helper hiring dilemma.

JForce had recorded to have minimum transfer rate and high retention rate. We encourage training in household chores and more specialities, for our maid for better qualification as well as smoother development.

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