Best Myanmar Maid Agency in Singapore

Myanmar maid demand is on the rise in Singapore for number of reasons. The biggest trigger being rising cost of Indonesian and Philippines recruitment. The Philippines and Indonesian government mandates for minimum monthly wages adds up to the total cost that employers have to bear. As a result, Myanmar maids hiring end up considerably cheaper as compared to the other nationalities.

Myanmar maids are fast-learner. They adjust and learn quickly, so they are easy to train. As such, the integration to employer family is quick too. For language part, a portion of Myanmar population consist of Chinese ethnicity. Thereby, there is a good chance that Myanmar maid able to speak Chinese. This advantage is especially important when there’s elderly in your household.

As a Myanmar maid agency, we take care all there is to hiring of Myanmar maid, from shortlisting candidates, arranging and conducting interview, applications of permits to maid pick up. JForce ensure that your Myanmar maid Singapore is of the best compatible choice to your family before assigning them.

Reasons to Consider a Myanmar Helper

Reasons to Consider a
Myanmar Helper

Language proficiency:

Myanmar maids are proficient in English, allowing for seamless communication with employers. This fluency facilitates clear instructions and task completion, aligning with a Myanmar maid agency’s aim of creating comfortable home environments.


Known for their diligence, Myanmar domestic helpers often show commendable commitment in performing their duties. They are more than willing to work long hours to complete their tasks, showing a dedication that often surpasses expectations.

Cultural similarity:

Myanmar’s culture is similar to other Southeast Asian countries, making it easier for employers from those countries to relate to their maids. This cultural similarity fosters mutual understanding and appreciation, contributing to long-lasting relationships between employers and their maids.

What a Myanmar Maid Agency Can Do to Help

Pre-screening and selection:

A Myanmar maid agency can conduct a thorough pre-screening of candidates, verifying their qualifications, experience, and suitability for different household roles. This helps to save you time and effort in finding the best maid for your needs!

Documentation and legal compliance:

With the support of a maid agency, you can say goodbye to paperwork headaches such as documentation, work permit applications, and adherence to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations.

Training and skill development:

Training and skill development: Reputable agencies invest in comprehensive training programs for maids, including caregiving skills, household management, and cultural orientation. Such training equips Myanmar maids with the essential competencies needed to excel in their roles within Singaporean households.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the monthly salary ranging from $450 to $750, other costs include the monthly levy paid to the Ministry of Manpower, compensation for off-days as per regulatory requirements, and covering living expenses such as accommodation, food, and healthcare.

The processing time for Myanmar domestic helpers is approximately 2 weeks once MOM approval is obtained, making it the quickest compared to other nationalities. However, this timeline is dependent on whether all required documents are prepared and ready for submission.

Myanmar helpers are typically trained in various household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, and caregiving for children or elderly family members.

Hiring a Myanmar maid requires you to follow a series of procedures such as shortlisting and interviewing potential candidates, obtaining a new work permit, and managing other aspects for your selected helper. To simplify and expedite this process, consider engaging a reputable Myanmar maid agency in Singapore, such as Jforce Employment Services.