Best Myanmar Maid Agency in Singapore

Myanmar maid demand is on the rise in Singapore for number of reasons. The biggest trigger being rising cost of Indonesian and Philippines recruitment. The Philippines and Indonesian government mandates for minimum monthly wages adds up to the total cost that employers have to bear. As a result, Myanmar maids hiring end up considerably cheaper as compared to the other nationalities.

Myanmar maids are fast-learner. They adjust and learn quickly, so they are easy to train. As such, the integration to employer family is quick too. For language part, a portion of Myanmar population consist of Chinese ethnicity. Thereby, there is a good chance that Myanmar maid able to speak Chinese. This advantage is especially important when there’s elderly in your household.

As a Myanmar maid agency, we take care all there is to hiring of Myanmar maid, from shortlisting candidates, arranging and conducting interview, applications of permits to maid pick up. JForce ensure that your Myanmar maid Singapore is of the best compatible choice to your family before assigning them.