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Maid with elderly in singapore

Choosing the Right Maid for Elderly Care: Tips and Considerations

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging, requiring a lot of dedication, patience and empathy. This is especially so if they are coping with illnesses or have special needs that demand extra attention. With the busy lifestyles many Singaporeans lead, some may opt for hired help, such as a maid, to not only […]

Employer and maid in living room

3 Ways to Enhance Communication With Your New Maid

Effective communication between employers and employees remains one of the cornerstones of a positive partnership. Through communication, both parties can better understand each other and convey their thoughts to achieve shared goals. This is especially crucial in an employee-maid relationship, where English may not typically be their first language. In this article, we’re here to […]

Service Woman Worker Cleaning In Living Room At Home

Complete Guide to Hiring a Maid in Singapore

With the pressures of managing personal and professional responsibilities in modern lifestyles, hiring a maid can truly be a game-changer for many households. However, given the plethora of agencies and factors to consider, it’s understandable that the process can seem daunting. Whether you need help with managing daily chores or are seeking a maid for […]

A Maid Smiling While Holding A Broom

Tips for Engaging a Reliable Maid Agency

For those seeking assistance in their household and family care needs, the question of how to hire a maid in Singapore may come to mind. After all, entrusting someone with complete access to your home and private life requires careful consideration. Ideally, you seek an honest, trustworthy and responsible helper but with the myriad of […]

Maids In Singapore

Benefits of Hiring a Maid From a Maid Agency

Given our busy lifestyles as Singaporeans, engaging a maid can be beneficial in many ways. Beyond freeing up time to focus on ourselves and other responsibilities, a helper ensures a cleaner and more hygienic living environment, which can boost overall well-being. In fact, about one in five Singapore households currently employ a maid. This then […]

3 Effective Ways to Help Your Maid Cope With Homesickness

Homesickness is a common emotion many helpers from foreign countries may experience. Not only are they miles away from friends and family, but they are also expected to adapt to a new environment quickly and perform their duties proficiently. Although missing home is part and parcel of the process, prolonged feelings of homesickness can have […]

Shower Cleaning

3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Maid

Are household chores weighing you down? Struggling to carve out time for yourself amidst the never-ending to-do list? Hiring a maid could give you the breather you desire! When the pace of life gets relentless, bringing in some extra help can make a world of difference. But before you take the plunge, there are several […]

Housekeeper Cleans The Office

Why Do Singaporeans Prefer Domestic Helpers From Indonesia?

In many Singaporean households where time is a luxury and chores are plenty, domestic helpers fulfil a crucial role, offering support ranging from childcare to housework. Among the range of nationalities available for hiring as domestic workers, Indonesian maids stand out as a preferred choice for many families. But what exactly makes Indonesian helpers so […]

Dealing with Dishonesty

Dishonesty is an issue faced by many. There are reasons that bring about dishonesty, so avoid accusatory statements before finding out the truth. If you suspect your helper is not telling the truth, do extend the benefit of the doubt. It can be an honest mistake. We found out that most often helpers are not […]