Healthy Food for Elderly


Nutritious diet is crucial for healthy aging. As age progresses, metabolism slows down. So, it’s important to opt for nutrient-rich food to stay energized while meeting nutritional needs. It plays a part in lowering the risk of developing chronic health…

MOM Home Visit


The Ministry of Manpower began conducting visits to randomly selected homes from Apr 5, 2021 where foreign domestic helpers live and work. This move is a part of supporting Singapore maid‘s general well being including how well they adjusted to…

Benefits of Finding a Good Maid


The perks of having a good maid are: A well kept house with daily house cleaning More supervision over children/ elderly Save time completing housework and complete chores more efficiently Assurance that helping hand is readily available Jforce Singapore maid…

Common Mistakes in Choosing Maid Agency


Finding your best maid agency in Singapore can be a challenging process. Yet, choosing the right maid agency is a fundamental step in ensuring protection for you and your family. Ensure yourself NOT to make these common mistakes before you…

Get Kids to Eat Healthy


Eating well supports a child’s healthy growth and development. In urban living Singapore with hectic schedules, getting children to eat healthy food can be an uphill struggle. It is no wonder that kids’ diets are built around convenient and takeaway…

Why is my helper not eating?


Moving to a new family is a major event for helpers. A new culture, a foreign environment, food, and schedule. It can be just plain hard. Being new, she has no idea what the rules are and doesn’t want conflict….

My helper cannot follow instructions…


Most employers encounter issues with their helpers. We have met various employers of different backgrounds and receiving questions such as: Why can my helper ever follow my instructions? When I told her to complete task, she kept saying “YES” and…

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