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Best Indonesian Maid Agency in Singapore for Your Maid Search

Looking for a maid to help you with daily chores or caring for your loved ones? At Jforce, we take care of the hiring process to help streamline your maid search process. Simply let us know your preference and we’ll match you to someone who can cater to your household needs.

Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore

Your Guide to Hiring the Right Maid in Singapore

  • Consider Your Needs

    Do you need someone to take care of your elderly parent’s day-to-day needs or do you have a young child who needs constant attention and care?

  • Assess the Candidate’s Expertise

    Is the maid you’re hiring suitable for your family and needs? Does he or she possess the skills necessary for safe and effective childcare, elderly care, or to conduct household chores?

  • Work With a Maid Search Agency

    A maid agency will have a contact book full of local helpers and transfer maids you can choose from. They’d have evaluated them to ensure that they’re safe for hire.

Services Offered (Well-Described):

As Jforce provides employee recruitment it helps in short listing candidates, Video or phone interview, Application of the work, Embassy Endorsement, Purchase Air Ticket, Medical check-up, home leave, Direct Hire, Renew contract, Maids transfer, Repatriation and pickup services, Holiday drop off and counseling.

There are special features like Social media advertisement through which many people can get connected instantly.

Jforce has been awarded Singapore Enterprise Awards 2016, Ministry of manpower, and from the Embassy of Indonesia-The top maid agency in Singapore award. Jforce has emerged as the best formidable organization in the world.”