Best Experienced Maid in Singapore

Ex-Singapore maids are helpers with experience working in Singapore before. While the majority choose to extend the contract, it’s not unusual after finishing a 2-years contract some others prefer to have a break to go back to their home country. Ex-Singapore maid is one of the favourable choice among employers as these helpers adjustment period are shorter than new ones.

Having had the good break in their home country, the experienced maids came back refreshed and ready to carry out their job. As with many other things that came to halt with the pandemic, bringing back experienced maid from their home country will need more time. Quarantine time as well as additional documentation process prolongs maid arrival. Employers may have to wait for as long as 3 to 4 months for an ex-Singapore maid in Singapore. However, with more than decades experience in industry, you can be assured that JForce does our best to assist your requirements accordingly.