Why Jforce

Why JForce

We listen, we understand, we match, we train, we care

Instead of promoting our candidates to our employer blindly, our experience consultant will
listen and understand your requirement carefully so that we could match the suitable candidates for your need.

We will also provide on the job training before we hand over the helpers to our employer. Some of the helpers are first time come to Singapore. Even those helper have experience in Singapore before, different household will have different expectation and situation. We will provide briefing and training to our helpers to minimize culture shock and smooth transition.

We aim to help our helper to fulfil their duty, or even more. So long the helper is still under our employers’ employment, we commit JForce will give our full support to you, because
we Care about you.

Jforce is the leader and provides domestic assistant to the clients and the employers. It is the only top maid agency in Singapore source which provides a maximum number of suppliers and workers in Singapore. It encourages training in the household chores and fulfills the expectations with smoother development.

Common Mistakes in Choosing Maid Agency

Finding the right maid agency in Singapore can be a challenging process. Getting a good domestic worker, afterall, is not always easy. Choosing the right maid agency is a fundamental step in ensuring protection for you and your family. It is important to do a comprehensive check before you assign an agency, ensure yourself not to make these common mistakes:

    • Jumping too fast with an agency
      Before committing, it is important to check out the portfolio of maid agencies to know about their quality of service. Rushing things off easily leads to missing out on critical factors, risking hiring of ineffective agencies. Mediocre and dishonest maid recruiter can land you into an agonizing dispute and unnecessarily long process.
    • Finding the cheapest agency or too dependant on location
      Hiring a maid agency only based on low price or one that is just around the corner, may end up as a costly mistake. Identically, location should not be the only determining factor of agency.
    • Hiring a non-MOM approved agency
      Our government regulates domestic workers and agencies based on quality performance throughout the year. A licensed agency warrants more reliability. Make sure to check MOM’s and avoid agency under “Under revocation / suspension / surveillance”
    • Thinking that all agencies are the same
      From the above, you may shortlist a few potential agencies and list out expectation. Do not assume that all agencies work towards your interest. Interaction with the agency will determine its participation and sincerity in matching you to a maid according on your needs. A good agency will go the extra mile to make sure they are at your disposal whenever you need them.

When outsourcing agencies don’t focus solely on those who can offer you more in packages. Instead, opt for those with good accreditation of business practice and one that can focus on your requirement efficiently and effectively.

Company Vision

Our vision is
to be the market leader of
supplying suitable domestic helper to our

Company Mission

To provide the best employment services through understanding and meeting the requirements of our clients and candidates. JForce aims to create a bridge to connect the right candidates to the right employer.

Company Philosophy

Our success is based on our ability to provide that which is required by the clients. We believe in working hand-in-hand with our suppliers, clients, and workers in order to reach a successful placement that would ultimately benefit our clients.

JForce Employment Service is a maid agency and foreign workers employment services company in Singapore.

Being a Reliable Nation Wide Maid Agency, we have nearly 10 years of experience in maids hiring, maids transfer, maids placement, maids training and foreign workers recruitment which enables us to match the right domestic helpers and workers to the employers according to their requirements. We specialize in Myanmar and Indonesian National maids as house keepers, elderly, infant and toddler care. To be the market leader of supplying work force to all industry in the region.