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Pandemic & Helper Hiring

Whether we realize or not, the paradigm of having a live-in helper has shifted from a luxury to a necessity for modest living. With nowadays mostly dual-income couple, arrival of a baby is the turning point for engaging a helper. Life continues, even when lockdown due to Covid-19 is imposed worldwide. The pandemic brings about […]

Monkeypox Virus

Hi Employers, Amid the uncertainties of ongoing infections, we can never be too careful. Guard your helpers with knowledge about Monkeypox. Click ‘Learn more’ below for precautions method. Afterall, prevention is better than cure. Stay Safe ! **PS: It caters to different language to suit different nationality helpers Learn more

Indonesian Maid

As one of the top most populated country in the world, Indonesia has a huge surplus of workforce in the country. The large workforce combined with of jobs scarcity has led Indonesians to seek job abroad. Lots of female Indonesians works overseas in domestic sector as Indonesian maid. With most of them being well-prepared by […]

Myanmar Maid

JForce Recruitment believes in customer relations. We provide the best possible helper to suit different requirements. With rising living costs in Singapore, Myanmar helpers have been the go-to choice as hiring cost is lower compared to other countries’ helpers. Hailing from Burma, Myanmar maids Singapore works for the betterment of living and supporting the family. […]

Childcare maid

It is very important to choose the right maid for child care. After all, she will not be just another employee that comes and goes after helping with household chores. As working parents, kids’ well-being during your absence is paramount. We understand that the reliability of a maid for child care is important. Not only […]

Things are Missing from my Home

We’ve all heard and read news about maids abusing employers’ trust and taking valuables from their homes. With a stranger living in the house and articles are missing, it’s natural that you think in that direction. However, do keep in mind that it may not be the case. Therefore, it is best not to jump […]

Mandarin Speaking Maid

Welcoming strangers to your home can be nerve-wracking. At JForce, we work for compatibility before settling on placement. We leverage our expertise to help employers get the exact help they need. In Singapore, having a Mandarin or dialect speaking helper can help a great deal especially when there’s elderly at home. Not only sharing the […]

Can my young family survive without a helper?

This burning question never fails to haunt parents. Life with young kids can be a rough ride. So, whether you’re thinking of getting a fresh helper or releasing a reliable helper, you’re in a fix. With the benefit of a handy option of having a helper — especially when both parents are working full time […]

My child prefers my helper over me…

“After a full day’s work, I got home to cuddle my son — only to realize that he reached out for my maid, instead of me.” As parents, you are left heartbroken and feel unwanted. Yet, it is not uncommon. Many parents with young children faced this scenario. It can be difficult, especially for the […]