Childcare maid

It is very important to choose the right maid for child care. After all, she will not be just another employee that comes and goes after helping with household chores. As working parents, kids’ well-being during your absence is paramount. We understand that the reliability of a maid for child care is important. Not only general household work performance is expected, but also more importantly are care and skills for the child. Especially for young children below 5 years old, patience and attentiveness are important criteria.

As a child care maid agency, JForce provides a competent service to find a suitable helper for your needs. JForce staff evaluates maids’ educational and cultural backgrounds, as well as personal character traits before recommending them to clients. This meticulous in-house screening and expertise have proven to be a valuable contribution to clients. We uphold the joy of giving parents peace of mind while they work.