Our Services

Having a helper and dealing with all kind of paper work and document will never be a easy task. Our professional consultant will always be here to provide the best support for you.
What we provide:
A house without a proper maid can get really messy and in fact, a proper maid can get things in your house organized to a massive extent. Furthermore, in our day to day lives, it’s hardly possible for us to take care of the household works and a maid is almost much needed for every house nowadays. However, finding a suitable maid can be pretty time consuming and pretty frustrating sometimes. If you are facing a difficulty in finding a suitable maid, why don’t you contact us? Who are we? We are Jforce, the express maid agency in Singapore with an exceptional track record of having the most professional and experienced maids in Singapore from all over Asia. We have had an amazing journey so far and we helped many clients find the most suitable transfer maids in Singapore for themselves over the past many years. By now, we have attained to a very reliable position and in fact a lot of people from all over Asia count on us for being the most dependable domestic helper agency in Singapore and other parts of Asia. So, don’t be wondering about and contact us right away and have the most competent maid for your house. We’ll take care of all the legalities.
Shortlist Candidates

We will perform first round of interview and send database on employer requirement

Video / phone Interview

We will arrange video / phone interview so that employer will have a better feel on the helper that they are choosing

Application of Work Permit

We will help to apply work permit

Embassy Endorsement

We will endorse the helper’s employment contract to their own embassy

Embassy Endorsement

We can help to cancel your current helper work permit

Purchase Air Ticket

We can help to purchase air ticket if employer current helper intend to go back to their home countries

Medical Check up

All helpers medical check up will be done according to MOM requirement before we handover to our employer.

Home Leave

We can help your helper to handle their home leave documentation if necessary

Direct Hire

We can help our employer to process their pre selected helper from their home country to Singapore.

Renew Contract

If you are satisfy with your helper and decide to renew their contract, we can help you with all the paper work

Maids Transfer

If you do not need your current helpers, we can help to find them a new employer

Repatriation / Pick up Service

We can help to send your current helper to airport and pick up your appointed helper if necessary.

Holiday drop off

If you and your family need to go oversea but the helpers have no choice to leave behind, you can drop your helpers to us and you can leave with peace of mind.


Thru out 2 years contract, there will always be issue for the domestic helper, be it communication between employer and helper, expectation or even helpers’ own problem. JForce professional consultant will always be here to support our employer and helper when it’s needed.