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Pandemic & Helper Hiring

Whether we realize or not, the paradigm of having a live-in helper has shifted from a luxury to a necessity for modest living. With nowadays mostly dual-income couple, arrival of a baby is the turning point for engaging a helper. Life continues, even when lockdown due to Covid-19 is imposed worldwide. The pandemic brings about ups and downs in helper hiring industry. In our little red dot, this shortfall has limit the number of helpers allowed into the country, which inadvertly reduce the supply and availability of domestic worker. This scarcity of helper combine with testing procedures and quarantine requirement, made hiring cost go up for keen employers.

Indonesian maid remains popular choice for locals. Yet, inevitably rules change time to time according to pandemic situation. As a home maid agency Singapore, JForce offers honest and reliable service. Our value added-service has proven to have given a peace of mind for client in finding their suitable helper and manouver a smooth transition, even in the midst of pandemic. No matter if it’s a Myanmar, or Indonesian maid Singapore, JForce remain an agency you can count on, leveraging our expertise complete with detailed profiling. Talk to us and you’ll be in the right hand.