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Benefits of Hiring a Maid From a Maid Agency

Given our busy lifestyles as Singaporeans, engaging a maid can be beneficial in many ways. Beyond freeing up time to focus on ourselves and other responsibilities, a helper ensures a cleaner and more hygienic living environment, which can boost overall well-being. In fact, about one in five Singapore households currently employ a maid. This then begs the question — is it better to look for a helper directly or source one through a maid agency in Singapore? Generally, agencies tend to be the option of choice, as having a reputation to uphold translates to greater assurance in quality and professionalism. Let’s explore more advantages of hiring a maid through an agency in this article.  

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Wide Selection of Candidates

To meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients, helper agencies in Singapore typically maintain a wide selection of candidates. Employers can choose from maids with varying levels of experience, skills and expertise, offering flexibility and the ability to find an applicant who aligns closely with their household dynamics. For instance, while some individuals may prefer a maid who has experience caring for pets, others may prioritise someone who excels in deep cleaning techniques. Having more choices also provides clients with options that fit their budget constraints and scheduling preferences.

At JForce Employment, we pride ourselves on our extensive pool of candidates. Whether you require a Filipino maid, Cambodian maid or Indonesian maid, we’ve got you covered. 

We can even provide you with a Mandarin-speaking maid to help bridge any concerns regarding language barriers for a positive employer-maid relationship.

Quality Assurance with Training Provided

Maid Helping Elderly

Most domestic helper agencies in Singapore train their maids prior to attaching them to an employer, guaranteeing they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their duties. This training is particularly crucial for those hiring a maid for child care and elderly care, as such roles often require specialised expertise and understanding. Training also equips helpers with essential caregiving know-how including first aid, administering medication and properly caring for the elderly or young children. It familiarises them with safety protocols and effective communication strategies that enhance their ability to offer attentive and compassionate care. 

As a maid agency that values quality assurance, our foreign helpers undergo comprehensive training before commencing work. Beyond understanding the safety measures and needs of infants, children and the elderly, our maids are also trained in providing initial care for common injuries or illnesses and armed with knowledge on how to handle emergencies and contact relevant authorities. 

Greater Peace of Mind 

Some employers may not be entirely comfortable with having a stranger in their homes and fortunately, engaging a helper from a house maid agency in Singapore can ease these worries. Reputable maid agencies go the extra mile to vet their candidates, which involves background checks, verifying references, and even conducting interviews or skills assessments. This rigorous screening process helps agencies select individuals who are qualified, responsible and compatible with the needs of their clients. With such a careful selection process, you can rest assured, knowing the risk of hiring someone who may not be suitable for the job is minimised.

Migrant domestic workers represent the second-largest group of foreign workers in Singapore, which is why finding and vetting a helper independently can be challenging. Here, maid agencies prove to be beneficial, facilitating both a seamless hiring process and ensuring the quality and compatibility of the maid with your household needs.

With a mission to deliver the best maid employment services, our helpers at JForce Employment have been rigorously evaluated to make sure they are fully competent. We want our clients to feel confident in entrusting their homes and loved ones to the care of our reliable helpers, which is why we only select candidates who are qualified, responsible and trustworthy.

As one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, we listen, understand, train and care so that every employer can find a quality helper that complements their needs and exceeds their expectations.

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