image of mother with tension expression and two children in the background

Can my young family survive without a helper?

This burning question never fails to haunt parents. Life with young kids can be a rough ride. So, whether you’re thinking of getting a fresh helper or releasing a reliable helper, you’re in a fix.

With the benefit of a handy option of having a helper — especially when both parents are working full time — household chores will be taken care of. This can be sanity-saving, especially for career focused parents. Yet, it comes with a set of challenges too. Trust issues are common with helpers around. While kids’ lack of training in household responsibilities is a notorious issue in families with helpers, as compared to those without helpers. Another worrisome issue is when very young kids grow too attached to the maid, and choose her over their parents.

Having a helper around means being flexible, especially in the transition phase. Helpers make a whole lot of difference, but it doesn’t mean you will not survive without one. In this day and age, robot moppers can be your best friend, while groceries and food can be arranged to be delivered to your doorstep.

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