image of child with mother and helper

My child prefers my helper over me…

“After a full day’s work, I got home to cuddle my son — only to realize that he reached out for my maid, instead of me.” As parents, you are left heartbroken and feel unwanted. Yet, it is not uncommon. Many parents with young children faced this scenario. It can be difficult, especially for the mommies.

Dear parents, we feel you. Children can get easily attached to those they spent a lot of time with. Though it is not your favorite situation, don’t be upset. Rest assured that it is a phase that will pass. In fact, when you look at it from another side, it shows that your helper is doing a good job of taking care of your baby and your child is a sociable kid. Here’s a couple of tips to remedy this situation:

  • Spend more time with your child
    Though you’re tired, make an extra effort to accompany your child. Do fun activities and enjoy your child’s company. You can even do mundane tasks together. As your child spends more time with/ around you, it helps to strengthen bonding.
  • Communicate with your maid
    Let your helper know that you want to be more involved in taking care of your child. Be proactive — even if, at first your child is in distress. Keep calm and try to soothe your child anyway.

Remember to be assertive. Your constant effort will be fruitful when you reestablish your bonding with your child.

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