Common Mistakes in Choosing Maid Agency

Finding your best maid agency in Singapore can be a challenging process. Yet, choosing the right maid agency is a fundamental step in ensuring protection for you and your family. Ensure yourself NOT to make these common mistakes before you assign an agency.

  • Jumping too fast with an agency
    Rushing things off easily leads to missing out on critical factors. A dishonest maid recruiter can land you into an agonizing dispute and unnecessarily long process.
  • Finding the cheapest agency or too dependent on location
    Hiring a maid agency only based on low price or one that is just around the corner, may end up as a costly mistake.
  • Hiring a non-MOM approved agency
    A licensed agency warrants more reliability. Make sure to check MOM’s website and avoid agency under “Under revocation/suspension/surveillance”
  • Thinking that all agencies are the same
    A good agency will go the extra mile to make sure they are at your disposal whenever you need them.

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