Dealing with Dishonesty

Dishonesty is an issue faced by many. There are reasons that bring about dishonesty, so avoid accusatory statements before finding out the truth. If you suspect your helper is not telling the truth, do extend the benefit of the doubt. It can be an honest mistake. We found out that most often helpers are not speaking out for fear of getting into trouble.

Trusted as the best maid agency in Singapore, we believe it pays to be patient as an employer. It is part of getting to know your helper better, too. Dishonesty can start from petty things which then lead to bigger ones, if left unaddressed. To put things in the right direction, encourage domestic helpers to ask if there’s anything unclear. Ensure that she understands what she’s told, exactly how you want to be understood. This takes time and more than one reminder attempt. If necessary, write down notes or guidelines about how you want things to be done for her to refer to. Do give her some time to adjust and improve. Be firm that you need to know everything, including mistakes or accidents that she commits. Let her know that you expect honesty in order to work issues together.

At times, despite patience and your guidance attempt, your maid constantly lied while being caught red-handed. When behavior persists, seek help from your professional maid agency.