Issue with helper?

Like any kind of relation, conflict can arise with a maid. While a new maid simply has difficulty settling in, some problems can be solved calmly. The most common concerns is employers not satisfied with helper’s work. While it is common, there are different reasons that contribute to this. As a professional Singapore house maid agency, we emphasize communication. Find out reasons for the unsatisfactory work. So, if she doesn’t clean thoroughly or lets groceries out on the kitchen for too long, have a talk to understand her perspective.

First, be clear about your expectation of her. Some maids don’t do well because she is brain-scattered, easily distracted. Approach her to know what is going on. She might have problems at home. Remind her of responsibilities, and expectation of her paying attention to work. In other cases, a maid does well on a task but weak on other skills. Allow her some time to improve. Yet, be firm and ready to take measures when necessary.

If you find her underperforming because she is swamped with work, review her work schedule. If she is caring for a baby overnight, implementing shifts is necessary. Yet in cases where employer unrealizingly asking too much, workload need to be reduced accordingly.
No matter how substantial her mistake is, be calm. Aim for solutions for problems, or call your agent for help if necessary. Do contact JForce for different maid competencies as well as transfer maids, as we are adept at matching employers in hiring a maid.