Encourage your workers to make use of helplines

Life during pandemic has been hard for most. The effect might have been more significant for foreign workers when they are far from home and away from their loved ones. Show your care by keeping a lookout to your workers, notably those new to Singapore or onboarded within the last 2 years. You may see that some of them show distress signs, such as inability to focus at work, agitated phone conversations, frequency of drinking/buying alcohol and/or other changes in behavior.

As an experience home maid agency Singapore, we would say that recognizing distress is the first step to help them. Do encourage your workers to make use of helplines if they need to speak to someone.

  1. HealthServe (24 hours daily): 3129 5000
  2. Migrant Workers’ Centre (24 hours daily): 6536 2692

The Ministry of Manpower has also newly launched translated mental health materials health library to further support worker’s well-being.