Hiring transfer maids

When it comes to maid hiring, finding the right match may not always be an easy feat especially when the pandemic hit hard. In the uncertainties of the lockdown, lots of helpers that finish their contracts in Singapore have gone home, yet very few manage to return. This resulted in substantial shortage of maids. Recently lifted border restrictions has overcome the situation yet travel fare remains on the high side, affecting hiring cost.

Deploying workers who are already in Singapore become the go-to choice for employers. Hiring these transfer maids Singapore offers instant benefit, so it has been on the rise. As the maids are not newcomers to our city state, they adjust quickly without any more cultural shock in lifestyle and language barrier. Employers are also able to meet face-to-face and conduct interviews to check suitability easily. Transfer maids are generally more experienced and can get into a common job almost immediately while substantially less costly.

As a transfer maid agency, JForce is proficient in handling hiring. We sort through the laws, regulations, and paperwork effectively, supporting you with guidance and helper that match expectation in no time.