image with text how to build good relationship with your helper

How to build good relationship with your helper

1. Fulfill Obligation
Starts with fulfilling your obligation as an employer. Basics such as paying her due amount on time, giving her privacy and enough rest, get you valued by helper. It will sprout a positive working attitude from her.

2. Be Respectful
Respect and be polite to her by explaining nicely when she makes mistakes. It goes a long way in creating a healthy working environment for her.

3. Open Communication
Good communication helps your Singapore maid to do their work well. Inform your preferences and expectations so she understands better. Patience is a virtue, but once she gets used to it, things will be up to speed.

4. Be Inclusive
Imagine having to leave family and living with unfamiliar people to work. It’s not easy. Including her in your family celebrations, giving time off for her religious holidays or lending a listening ear when she encounters issues will help her to get by. Consider her as an extension of your family, a good relationship and trust will flourish.

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