Things are Missing from my Home

We’ve all heard and read news about maids abusing employers’ trust and taking valuables from their homes. With a stranger living in the house and articles are missing, it’s natural that you think in that direction. However, do keep in mind that it may not be the case. Therefore, it is best not to jump to conclusions. Here are a few tips to handle such a situation:

  1. Suspicion without attestation is not good enough. Get another family member’s opinion on the issue. It is important not to get agitated and flout the maid when you’re not 100% sure.
  2. There is a possibility that the missing article is misplaced. Search around carefully before jumping into conclusions.
  3. Ask your maid politely. If you still doubt her, get her permission to check her things in her presence. Do not scream at your helper, especially when she denies it.
  4. Installing CCTV at common area help you assist your helper at home. Also, it may help to prevent misunderstanding and miscommunication.
  5. If there is evidence of the misdeed, talk to your maid calmly. You may also let your domestic helper agency Singapore know so they can handle the issue. The agency can help to speak to the maid and act according to the situation.

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