image of jar full of biscuits

Why is my helper not eating?

Moving to a new family is a major event for helpers. A new culture, a foreign environment, food, and schedule. It can be just plain hard. Being new, she has no idea what the rules are and doesn’t want conflict. The challenge can be as simple as not knowing what limitation you have with food sharing. Coupled with communication problems, they normally are too shy and/or afraid to ask.

Our advice to employers: Prepare a dedicated container for your helper. Place coffee/tea and snacks you intend to give her in it. This way, your helper knows exactly what belongs to them and they can consume it anytime they want or need it. At the same time, it prevents misunderstanding. It is also good to give her options to make her own dietary choices as she may not be used to the kind of food your family eats.

Feel free to contact us for suggestions on effective communication with your helper.

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