Myanmar Maid

JForce Recruitment believes in customer relations. We provide the best possible helper to suit different requirements. With rising living costs in Singapore, Myanmar helpers have been the go-to choice as hiring cost is lower compared to other countries’ helpers. Hailing from Burma, Myanmar maids Singapore works for the betterment of living and supporting the family. They may not be very proficient in expressing themselves, as their homeland is non-English speaking. However, they are keen learners and mostly are capable of picking up simple English/Chinese in no time. Also, what they lack in language, they make up for with a good attitude. They make good domestic help with their hard working, honest and polite disposition. A Myanmar maid is known to carry out the household chores efficiently and has an exceptionally good endurance, calm and able to deal with stressful situations.

As a Myanmar maid agency, JForce is responsible for assessing each of our helpers’ potential. We bring in helpers with a high literacy rate, as well as provide training to get them ready to work in Singapore.